Handful of chips

Things you’ll needed

1. Chart paper of your choice
2. Self adhesive glitter paper which contrasts the color of the chart paper
3. Double sided tape
4. Ziplock bag (preferably around 3 x 4.75 inches)
5. Sketch pens
6. Xacto knife
7. Goldfish cheddar crackers OR make your own


1. Cut the chart paper in the size of an a4 size paper.
2. Cut the self adhesive glitter paper 2 inch more than the chart paper to look like a frame
3. Trace out the hand on the chart paper and make 2 cuts as indicated below with an xacto knife
4. Fill the ziplock bag half way with the goldfish chips.
5. Carefully slide in the ziplock through the cuts made
6. Stick the chart to the adhesive glitter paper using a double side tape
7. Personalise your card with a message on the top and bottom with sketch pens.




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