Our Date Jar

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas to do for your date nights, a “date jar” just might be the perfect thing to help you out. I’ve filled it with tons of ideas that would make a fun date, and pick one everytime we need ideas for things to do. Looking to make your own? Well follow along and you’ll have one of your own very soon.

Things you’ll need
1) Mason jar (as big as you’d like)
2) 50 ice cream sticks (depending on how many activities you’d like to do)
3) Shells & pearls (you can also add buttons or marbles)
4) Ribbon (30 cms)
5) Sketch pens
6) Post-it notes of different colors
7) Yarn (2 meters)

1) Make a list of the activities or places you’d like to add. I’ve divided my activites into 5 categories: Adventures, Outdoor, Romantic, Inexpensive and Restaurants. Assign a color for each category.
2) Clean and dry your mason jar so that it looks nice and shiny
3) Write down each activity on the stick accordingly using a sketch pen that is the same color as the color of the category. You can also use colored ice cream sticks.
4) Next, put a couple of shells and pearls in the bottom of the jar. The amount you put in depends on how much you’d like your sticks to stick out of the jar.
5) Put the sticks into the jar and push it to the middle and gently shake the jar to move the pearls and shells away from the middle.
6) Next, write the name of your jar on a heart shaped cut-out from any desired color charts and stick it in the middle of the jar. I named mine “Our date jar”
7) Write down different category names on the post-it notes according to the colors and cut them onto small squares. Punch a hole on each square and using a yarn, tie it to the jar at different heights
8) Tie a small satin ribbon around the brim of the jar and voila! you are done.

You could also add small details like a hanging heart or small stickers to your jar. You can also add color button of different sizes or colored stones instead of shells.


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